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1、疑问代词:what, who, which, whose, whom
2、疑问副词:when, where, why, how
3、疑问形容词:what, which, whose ( 名词)
特殊疑问句的基本结构是:特殊疑问词 一般疑问句语序,但是如果疑问词在句子中作主语或作主语的定语,就用特殊疑问词 陈述句语序。回答时针对问句中的疑问词来回答,不用yes或no来回答。回答时,问句中的名词在答句中常用代词代替,this和that指物常用it来代替,these和those指人或指物时常用 they来代替。
例如:①---where is mr wang from?  王先生来自哪里?
---he is from beijing. 他来自北京。
②---what are these?  这些是什么?
---they are boxes.  是盒子。
例如:how old is your english↘teacher? 你的英语老师多少岁?
例如:li ping is his daughter. →who is his daughter?他的女儿是谁?
例如:①the twins were making a kite when their mother came in.
→what were the twins making when their mother came in? 当他们的妈妈进来时,双胞胎姐妹正在制作什么?
②mrs turner asked her son to buy some eggs for supper.
→what did mrs smith ask her son to do? 斯密斯夫人叫他的儿子去做什么?
③what's the date today?(日期)    what day is it today?(星期)
例如:i'm going to take the black dog out.
→which dog are you going to take out? 你打算带哪只狗外出?
例如:this is li ping's coat. →whose coat is this?
5、when对具体时间提出疑问,如in the morning, last sunday等;对具体几点钟提问,疑问词应用what time,也可以用when。
例如: do you get up?你什么时候起床?
when did you go there? 你什么时候去的那里?
what time/ when is it now? 现在几点了?
例如:the pupils are having a picnic at the foot of the hill.
→where are the pupils having a picnic? 那些学生正在哪儿野餐?
例如:xiao cheng didn't go to the farm with us because he was ill.
→why did xiao cheng not go to the farm with us? 小陈为什么不和我们去农场?
例如:i go to school by bike. → how do you go to school? 你是怎样去学校的?
the girl rans very fast. →how does the girl ran? 那个女孩跑得怎样?
i am fine. →how are you? 你好吗?
how's the weather today? 今天的天气怎么样?
=what's the weather like today?
(1)how many/much对数量提问。要注意how many必须跟名词的复数形式,而how much跟不可数名词,也可用来问价格。
例如:i have nine apples. →how many apples do you have? 你有多少苹果?
there is a little water in the glass. →how much water is there in the glass? 杯子有多少水?
this dress costs me twenty yuan. →how much does this dress cost you? 这条连衣裙花费你多少钱?
(2)how long对时间、物品长度提出疑问。回答时间长度时常根据实际情况选用:“about 时间段”、“for 时间段”或“since 时间点”。
例如:i've worked in that factory for two years. (96中考题)
→how long have you worked in that factory? 你在那间工厂工作了多长时间?
the bridge is 200 metres. →how long is the bridge? 这条桥多长?
(3)how often对时间频率,如always, sometime, once a year, twice a week等提问。
例如:li daming visits his grandparents twice a week.
→ how often does li daming visit his grandparents? 李大明多久去看望一次他的外祖父母?
(4)how many times对具体次数,如 once, twice, three times等提问。
例如:---______ did he call you the day before yesterday?  ---twice. (96中考题)
a.what time  b.how many times  c.how much  d.how long
(5)how soon多久,对“in 一段时间”提问,且句子常用一般将来时态。。
例如:jane and her brother will finish the work in two hours.
→ how soon will jane and her brother finish the work? 简和他她的哥哥将要多久完成这项工作?
(6)how far多远,问距离。
例如:it's about two kilometres from here to the country.
→ how far is it from here to the country? 从这儿到那个乡村有多远?
(7)what colour对颜色提问。
例如:the cat is black. →what colour is the cat? 那只猫是什么颜色的?
(8)how old对年龄提问。
例如:our son is thirty years old this year. →how old is our son this year? 我们的儿子今年多少岁?
(9)how big/large对大小提问。
例如:how big /large is your chest? 您的胸围多少?
how large is the population of australia? 美国的人口是多少??
(10)how tall对高度提问。
例如:my brother is 1.5 metres tall. →how tall is your brother? 你弟弟有多高?
(11)how heavy对重量提问。
例如:the box is 5 kg. →how heavy is this box?  这个箱子有多重?
(12)how about…? ……怎么样?=what about…?
(1)what else…? 其他什么?
例如:what else do you want? 你还想要别的什么?
(2)what …for…? 为何目的
例如:what did you buy that for? 你为什么要买那个?
who, where, when
1. _____ is that pretty girl? she is my sister.
2. _____ are jack and tom? they are behind you.
3. _____ do you go to school? i go to school from monday to friday.
4. _____ has a beautiful flower? john has a beautiful flower.
5. _____ are they? they are my parents.
6. _____ is my mother? she is in the living room.
7. _____ are you going? we are going to the bakery(面包坊).
8. _____ do jim and wendy play ball? they play ball in the afternoon.
9. _____ does he jog? he jogs in the park.
10._____ are you from? i'm from changchun city.
二、用what time, what color, what day, what填空。
1. a: ______ _______ is it?   b: it is nine o'clock.
2. a: ______ _______ does your mother get up?   b: my mother gets up at 6:30.
3. a: ______ _______ do you go to bed?   b: i go to bed at 10:00.
4. a: ______ _______ do diana and fiona have supper?
b: diana and fiona have supper at 18:00.
5. a: ______ _______is it?   b: it is purple.
6. a: ______ _______ is the sky?   b: the sky is blue.
7. a: ______ _______ is your coat?   b: my coat is black.
8. a: ______ _______ is the dog?   b: the dog is white.
9. a: ______ _______ is today?   b: today is monday.
10. a: ______ _______ is tomorrow?   b: tomorrow is tuesday.
11. a: ______ _______ was yesterday(昨天)?   b: yesterday was sunday.
12. a: ______ _______ do you like?   b: i like red.
13. a: ______ is this? this is a computer(电脑).
14. a: ______ are you doing?   b: we are playing basketball.
15. a: ______ does your mother do?   b: my mother is a policewoman.
16. a: ______ are those?   b: those are peppers(辣椒).
17. a: ______ is in the box?   b: a lovely doll is in the box.
18. a: ______ is on the table?   b: the apple is on the table.
19. a: ______ is in the classroom? the blackboard is in the classroom.
20. a: ______ ______ ______?   b: mary is hungry.
21. a: ______ ______ ______ ______ ______?  b: my favorite color is pink.
22. a: ______ ______ ______ ______?   b: nick is playing table tennis.
1.—how long has eliza been a nurse?
—____. (2006长沙)
a. since 2002   b. four years ago   c. in 2002
how ____ does it ____ you to do your homework every day? (2006长沙)
3.—____ is it from your home to the school?
—it’s five miles. (2008广州)
a. how far b. how often c. how long d. how many
4.—____ does your school have a sports meeting?
—once a year. (2006山西)
a. how long   b. how often   c. how soon
5.they will complete the building in two months. (就划线部分提问) (2006烟台)
____ ____ will they complete the building?
6.你去商店买一把吉他,想询问售货员它的价格,你应该说:“excuse me,       ?”(2008厦门)
7.—____ will tree planting day be?
—in a week. (2004无锡)
a. how soon   b. how far   c. how long   d. how often
8.i spent forty yuan on this chinese-english dictionary. (就划线部分提问) (2008福州)
____ ____ did you spend on this chinese-english dictionary?
9.at the age of three, david weighed 20 kilos. (就划线部分提问) (2008天津)
____ ____ did david weigh at the age of three?
10.i’d like to go to the island. do you know ____ take me to get there by train? (2008上海)
a. how often it will  b. how soon it will  c. how long will it  d. how long it will
keys: ①a ②long; take ③a ④b ⑤how soon ⑥how much is the guitar/how much does the guitar cost/…⑦a ⑧how much ⑨how heavy ⑩d
1. 引导问句表示“问候”或询问“状况”,以how引导问句向他人表示问候或询问某事或某人的进展或状况。
例如:how is your family? 你的家人好吗?      how is it going? 一切顺利吗?
how have you been recently? 近来可好?       how is everything? 一切都好吗?
how are you getting on? 你进展顺利吗?
how do you get on with your classmates? 你与同学相处得怎样?
how is the weather today? 今天天气怎样?(相当于what’s the weather like today?)
注意:礼貌用语“how do you do?”(你好!)不是向人提问,而是打招呼,它的答语仍是:“how do you do?” ;“how are you?”(你好吗?)的答语为“fine, thank you.”“i’m well/ok/all right.”等。
①---nice to meet you, mike. ____?
---everything is ok. thanks. (2006潍坊)
a. what are you doing  b. what is it doing  c. how are you going  d. how is it going
②---by the way, ____ is your father?
---he’s quite well. thank you.  (2008广州)
a. who     b. what c. how old    d. how
③---how was your day off, gloria?
---it was ____, i had a fantastic time. (2006昆明课改区)
a. terrible    b. so-so   c. awful    d. great
(keys: ①d②d③d)
2. 引导问句表示“征询”,以how引导的表示“征询”某人的看法或态度时,常用到两个句型:
(1)how do you like…?
例如:how do you like the film? 你觉得这部电影怎么样?(相当于what do you think of the film?)
(2)how about n./pron./v-ing? 此时,答语可以为“good idea.”“that’s great.”“i’d love/like to.”等。
例如:how about this coat? 这件外套如何?(相当于what about this coat?)
how about playing basketball? 去打篮球如何?(相当于what about playing basketball?)
①---how about going for a walk outside?
---____. (2006武汉)
a. i would be   b. i like   c. i do   d. i’d like to
②---tomorrow is mother’s day. what shall i give to mother as a present?
---____ some flowers?
a. have you bought   b. did you buy   c. will you buy   d. how about
(keys: ①d ②d)
3. 引导问句询问“方式” ,问做某事的方式、方法、手段等。
例如:how do you spell the word? 你如何拼写这单词?
how do you know about it?  你是怎样知道这件事的?
①---____ does mrs. jackson learn chinese?
---she learns it by herself. (2008广西梧州)
a. how   b. why   c. where   d. who
②---do you know ____?
---yes, i do. she came here on foot. (2004 河南)
a. where kate came from     b. how kate came here
c. when kate comes here    d. why kate didn’t come here
(keys: ①a ②b)
1. 作连接副词,引导从句。
例如:i know how he did it. 我知道他是怎么做到的。
how it was done was a mystery. 那件事是如何做的是一个谜。
i know how it would be from the first. 我从一开始就知道事情会怎样。
2. 作连接副词,和不定式连用。
例如:i don’t know how to do it. 我不知道如何做。
i told her how to find me. 我告诉她如何找到我。
例如:i want to know how old you are.  我想知道你多大年龄。
例如:i don’t know how to do it.
不能说:i don’t know how to do. 或i don’t know what to do it.
①alice didn’t know how she could draw horses well. (改为同义句) (2006重庆课改区)
alice didn’t know how ____ horses well.
②---will you please give some advice on ____ english at home?
---well, do a lot of reading and listen to english programs. (2006辽宁课改区)
a. how to read   b. how to learn  c. when to use   d. where to use
we don’t know what to solve these problems.  (2006南京)
④no matter ____ busy he is, he won’t give up his hobby. (2008北京宣武区)
a. what    b. how    c. where    d. who
(key: ①to draw②b③b what→how
①____ beautiful our school is! (2008贵阳)
a. how   b. what a   c. what   d. how a
②the news sounds exciting. (改为感叹句) (2006烟台)
____ ____the news sounds!
③____ hot the weather is today!  (2008北京海淀区)
a. what a   b. what   c. how a   d. how


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